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About Us

About SewGeekAustin

SewGeekAustin LLC is a geek-owned and operated shop in Texas.  We specialize in custom jewelry, messenger bags, hair bows and teas, as well as prop replicas from some of your favorites in the science fiction and fantasy genres.
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Making Geeksters Happy All over the World

In 2012 I got out of a toxic friendship, that had cost me a lot, but my family and friends supported me no matter what. My sister was the one that told me to open my own Etsy shop and sure enough here we are 5 years later and I am still doing what I love, making Geeks happy.

I grew up in Switzerland and I learned how to sew, crochet, knit, embroider in school. So taking this a bit further and making my hobbies my job, is the best thing in the world.

Why giving to Charity you ask? There are so many good causes out there that need support and this is my way of saying Thank you!

I am so blessed to be able to make Geeks all over the world happy with what I make.

Geeksters Unite!!!

Our team


I am a Jack of all trades. I sew, knit, scrapbook, bead and many other things.  I love sci-fi and fantasy novels, I am just a tad bit addicted to Supernatural and my daughter is named after Darth Vader. Does that make me a Geek? You bet.

We also build a full sized Dalek and are the proud owners of a beautiful 1967 Chevrolet Impala 4 Door Hardtop that is in the process to be changed into Baby.

Happy Geekery — Claudia


1st Assistant and Model

I am the owners daughter, and I tell my mom what we should put in the store. I cut fabric, make most of the buttons and help her at conventions.

I love to cosplay, I watch Supernatural, Gotham, Anime and I love to draw. If you see us at a Convention, I am most likely dressed up. You can follow me on facebook at AspiringAnika and I have a youtube channel Aspiring Anika

Love — Anika