09 Apr

Update and NEWS!!!!

Ok, so here is a quick update…
I had a bout with depression recently and then foot surgery which I just got cleared by my doctor, that I can start to exercise in moderation again. Then my husband had surgery on Thursday for a Hernia, he is fine, sore but ok. But he needs help.
On top of all that? I am moving my production into an actual storefront with my business partner from Fluffyshirts, which will make production and everything much better.
So there has been a reason, why things are not the way the used to be.
We are located in Katy, TX and you can get most of SewGeekAustin items in the store. This is a very exciting time for myself and my business partner.

All orders will be filled this week, and new product will be listed this weekend even.
Thank you all for your patience and I am so grateful for y’all.

Thank you all…

14 Sep

Re Post of Open Letter to my Geeksters

Hello Geeksters,

This letter has been in my head for a while now, thanks to Jared Padalecki’s Represent Campaign. In his campaign he talks about how important awareness for depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide is.

Well in January 2012 I had hit rock bottom. I was on medication and therapy for my depression which I had been diagnosed about 2yrs earlier. I was struggling with my every day life. Sometimes I was thinking that I didn’t deserve my wonderful husband and my children, that my family would be better off without me. I was also in a friendship that was very toxic. It was one sided and it sucked the good out of me. So one day I was driving down the freeway and I thought to myself, if I get killed in an accident, I really don’t care. I struggled to get up every morning, cause I feared there would be messaged that told me what a terrible job I did and why certain things had not been finished. Through all of this my husband stood beside me. He never said a bad word, but there was always the fear he would leave.
Then one day I searched through Netflix and I came upon a show of two boys, who were searching for their Dad. They encountered numerous Monsters and kept going, cause they believed in Family. Each day, I got up and watch how Sam and Dean fought beside each other and for each other and I watched 6 season in probably 2 weeks. My mood got better, cause I knew I could go back and watch “Supernatural”. I also started to find the Supernatural Fandom and it’s fans and I was accepted without questioning, why I had not watched the show from the beginning, but with open arms. I felt at home.

In April, my sister came to visit and she probably saved my life. She hit me upside the head and made me realize that working with this toxic person is just bad for me and my family. And if it is one thing I learned from the Winchesters, family is everything. I realized one day after sewing all night and then being told that I did a crap Job (which if you know me and my work does not happen), that this was it. I was done, I rid myself of this person and cut all ties. It was a very freeing, and my mood lifted instantly.

It is now 3yrs later and this store is my therapy. It’s my creative outlet, I can make the things I want and don’t have anybody telling me that it’s not good. I am my own boss, if I don’t get something done, it’s not the end of the world. When my phone goes off there is no longer anxiety about what I could have done wrong, it joy, cause it might be a friend that just wants to say Hi.

Sometimes there are still bad days, but the good out weigh the bad. I was lucky to have my family to help me, and they are still helping. I am glad I went to Therapy cause if I didn’t this might not have ended the way it did.

What I want to say is, if you know someone that suffers from depression, be a friend, try to lift them up and don’t brush it off.

I want to thank all my customers, followers and likers cause I look forward to reading your messages and you all have lifted my spirits on many occassions. So please if you can, buy a shirt from Jared, as this will help so many people. Like I was blessed and still am.


From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Geeksters, Supernatural, Jensen and Jared for bringing Sam and Dean alive.

23 Jun

Dean Winchester’s Jewelry…

This all began with the Skull bracelet, I really wanted one for myself so I did a lot of research and screen grabs to get the right sequence of the beads. Finding the black skull beads to this day is the hardest part of it. But I finally found a good place that hopefully has them for a while.
The white beads, I actually dye in tea, yes Dean’s apple pie tea, the Rooiboos gives it that really nice aged look.
He wore this bracelet all thru season 5. At the beginning of Season 6 it had dissapeared.

In season 1-2 he wore two Elephant hair bracelets. Mine are made of leather and not Elephant hair. I called them that cause the way they are knotted is very common in bracelets made from Elephant hair. No Elephants are harmed in the process of making my bracelets.

Dean Winchester also wore a ring up till Episode 7 in Season 5. Some spekulated that it was Mary’s wedding ring, but I don’t believe that, since her ring had a diamond. Why did the ring dissapear? Well Jensen Ackles explains it here on the SuperWiki Page.

Last but not least is the Samulet. I know the one I sell is not that accurate, I do own an accurate one, and it cost me $150 but I want to keep my stuff affordable for the fans. So my version is a bit simpler and this way every Sam, can buy one for their Dean for Christmas.
The Samulet, as it is referred to by the fans, is a brass Pendant given to Dean by Sam in the Episode “A Very Supernatural Christmas”. It was intended for John Winchester, but he dind’t show for Christmas, so Sam gave it to Dean. Originally Bobby Singer gave it to Sam.
Later on he gives it to Castiel to find God, but Cas returns it without luck and Dean throws it in the trash. Lots of Fans speculate that Sam retreived it from the trashcan and will return it to Dean at some point.
We saw a replica Samulet in Episode 10.05 Fan Fiction.


Source SuperWiki

29 May

Donation Receipt from the first #alwayskeepfighting bracelet campaign…

I has come to my attention that some people think that I am not making donations cause I stated that for the second campaign I would like to donate the funds to Jared and Jensen’s fund. But since there are no details yet where that would be, I can’t make the donation. Now if it will take to long, I will donate $500 to TWLOHA and $500 to A.I.R. Attitudes in Reverse.
I am a legit business, that stands tru to it’s word of making donations. The bracelets are $6 to cover the cost of the bracelets and the paypal fees. I do not make any profit on those bracelets. Why am I doing this? I suffer from depression and want to support Jared and Jensen and the #alwayskeepfighting movement.
I am attaching the receipt from TWLOHA it was made under my name, as I could not put SewGeekAustin on the receipt.
Thank you all for your support.


19 Mar

delay in orders

I just wanted to let you know, that orders will be delayed, doing two convention back to back and travelling left me with less time than I thought.

All order should be filled by next friday March 27th. I am sorry for the delay.

Thank you all


23 Feb

More Blogging… blog article #1 inspiration

I wanna blog a bit more. So I decided my first stop would be, where do I draw inspiration from?

Well Supernatural is definitely one of them. I am a huge fan and it started out that I wanted Dean’s Skull bracelet and then people kept asking me to make them one too. So I kind of owe all this to Supernatural.
I also was blessed being raised in Switzerland. Where I was taught in school how to sew, knit, crochet and needle work. I am also not afraid of failure. I have made many mistakes a long the way and I still make mistakes, I still make mistakes and that is ok. You just can’t be afraid of failure.

Many times, someone asks me “Can you do that?” and I just without thinking go “sure” and then in my brain the conversation goes like this ” You know you have no idea how to do that?” and the other voice goes “Nope but I will figure it out”. This day and age we have the wonder that is called “the INTERNET” which had an abundance of information. I remember one time I didn’t understand knitting instructions in English, I looked it up on youtube and voila I was able to do it.

One of my favorite places to go for inspiration in Pinterest. I see so many things and items, that I look at and then think, Oh I could make that this and turn it into this, or I could make into that. Pinterest has an abundance of inspiration, is it for cooking, crafting, jewelry making or just insparational quotes to get you thru the day. You should definitely check it out and if you like you can follow me and see what I put on my inspiration board.

My other inspiration is my family. We do things together, my daughter and I are very close and we love to go to Conventions. She loves to Cosplay and of course I help her with costumes. She is also the one that inspires a lot of my merchandise. The Pencil pouches/Makeup bags, that was her. She wanted one and I made her one. The Sansa Stark Necklace, that was her. Doctor Who on the other hand is more my husband. He build a full sized Dalek that is sitting in my dining room. He inspires me to be successful. And my son just makes me laugh when I need a break.

You can find inspiration in many ways and just believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Have a great evening…


30 Dec

To 2015….

Hi Geeksters,


What an amazing year this has been.
With your support I was able to donate over $2000 to various charities this year, how amazing is that.

I just want to let you know how you all humble me and I am looking forward to work even harder to be able to donate more to charity in 2015.
You all inspire me and I am can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for SewGeekAustin. I know we start with a bang at IKKiCon.

Thank you all so very much for your support, generosity and inspiration.

–Proud owner of SewGeekAustin

10 Nov

Doctor Who exploding TARDIS wrist warmers…

So a while back I was tagged on FaceBook for these wristwarmers.
I looked at them and then immediatly thought these remind me of the Exploding Tardis from Doctor Who. So then my search for the right yarn began and I found it at
Nerdgirl Yarns I purchased the beautiful yarn that was called Blue Box Exploding. These is a fingering weight yarn. I am also debating to buy ’67, I just need to find a fitting Supernatural Project for said yarn.

So finally Sunday I got around and started to knit and then realized that there was German instructions on Ravelry, which to this day I prefer my knitting instructions in my native language.

I had to undo the whole thing one and then started again this morning. I finished on withing 3yrs with some breaks inbetween. But here is the result. 😀

I might put them onto the SewGeekAustin shop, but for now, enjoy and make your own.

01 Sep


The Charity for September is Kids Need To Read. They have a very special place in my heart. It’s one of the first charities that I helped support way back when and also when I first started SewGeekAustin I knew I want to keep supporting them cause their work is amazing.

Also September is super busy for me. I have two Conventions I am vending at and another one I am going to. So please be patient with your orders I try to get them out on time, but if it is an item that has custom fabrics the wait time can be up to two weeks.
Thank you for your understanding.

Last but not least. I hope to finally get the Bullet Boxes made and listed by the end of this month, so that you can own a tru replica of it.

Have an awesome month!!!

Thank you again for all your support.

14 Jul


I am on Vacation from July 19th till August 3rd.

You can order, but your order won’t ship till August 5th.

Please note, I will try to answer e-mails but this time is reserved for my family.

Thank you and enjoy your Summer.

10 Jun

Change in Shipping schedule and lost item policy…

Due to the volume of shipping I do. I will now only ship on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Also if you do not receive your items after you receive shipping notification you have 90 days to tell us that you have not received you item.
Only then will see if you can get a refund of your money or have your order resend.

Thank you


04 Jun

Team Levi our June Charity…

I am so excited to work with Team Levi again this year. If you wonder why?
Levi is Jensen Ackles’ Nephew and he has down syndrome, I think it’s important to support this cause. I don’t have anybody close to me with down syndrome, but I have been touched by a few people with it in my life.
The Team is raising money for the Dallas Down Syndrome Guild Buddy Walk. And I hope that this year I actually get to do the walk with the family as well.

So here is to a successful Month of June.