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Barry Allen Inspired Fashion Collage

Barry Allen Inspired Fashion Collage

Barry Allen Inspired Fashion Collage

I love Fashion, like this Barry Allen inspired Collage

I love accessories and jewelry. That has become one of the reasons, I decided to dedicate one blog post a week, for a Geek Fashion Blog. Some of the items on the collages will of course come from SewGeekAustin. I will also pick other Geeky Fashion item Creators. I run a small business and I want to help other small businesses as well. So here we are, for the first SewGeekAustin Fashion Collage.

I picked Barry Allen, due to my obsession with him, the Flash and Grant Gustin. Don’t worry, I have not given up Supernatural. Those Collages, will come in the near future. There are so many wonderful handmade items out there. I love v-neck T-shirts, and the Bella Relaxed fit, is great, it is true to size, does not shrink and it very soft. Jean, you can pair this with any pair of Jean, or even a fun skirt. Converse are a must, as they seem to be a staple in Barry’s wardrobe. Jewelry and accessories are important too, I am obsessed with these big hoop hooks, they are so comfortable and look chic. The bracelet spoke to me, as it was colorful and represented the show. I picked the necklace and actually put it on my wish list and it being handmade is a bonus.

This is the list of all items on the collage.

Please leave in the comment sections what other outfit choices you would like to see or what type of blog posts you are interested in.

Next week, I will dive into Sam Winchester’s closet.

Happy Geekery



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