09 Apr

Update and NEWS!!!!

Ok, so here is a quick update…
I had a bout with depression recently and then foot surgery which I just got cleared by my doctor, that I can start to exercise in moderation again. Then my husband had surgery on Thursday for a Hernia, he is fine, sore but ok. But he needs help.
On top of all that? I am moving my production into an actual storefront with my business partner from Fluffyshirts, which will make production and everything much better.
So there has been a reason, why things are not the way the used to be.
We are located in Katy, TX and you can get most of SewGeekAustin items in the store. This is a very exciting time for myself and my business partner.

All orders will be filled this week, and new product will be listed this weekend even.
Thank you all for your patience and I am so grateful for y’all.

Thank you all…

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