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SewGeekAustin’s Supernatural Gift Guide

SewGeekAustin’s Supernatural Gift Guide

SewGeekAustin’s Supernatural Gift Guide

I love Supernatural, so I decided to make a SewGeekAustin’s Supernautral Gift Guide for my readers.

SewGeekAustin’s Supernautral Gift Guide will help you find the perfect gift for the Supernatural Fan in your life, no matter how big. Also all these gifts are handmade or provided by small business owners like me. So please if you can support small businesses this season.


My first Fandom books are perfect for the little fans. These books are awesome and the story of Sam and Dean is just to cute.

My First Fandom Books








Jodi from Eldwenne’s Fantasy creates the most awesome and unique fandom jewelry. I own a couple of her pieces and I can’t recommend her enough. Any fan would love to own a piece of hers.










Geekocity Creations makes hand stamped jewelry and accessories. And this Supernatural Key Chain is one of my favorites.







Artsy Denise is one of my favorite artists, her mini paintings and Christmas ornaments are super charming. I love them all.










Supernatural Angel makes amazing prop replicas. Her John Winchester Journal cover is accurate and real leather. I own one and love it.









As you can see there is more than enough small business out there to help you find the perfect gift for that supernatural fan in you life. And you can always check out SewGeekAustin’s Shop.


Happy Holidays!!!


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