02 Aug

What’s New? Wednesday

Today I want to talk about inspiration.
As I am patiently waiting for my laser cutter to be assembled. I am on pinterest daily getting inspiration for items that I want to design to make my Geeksters happy.
When I look at items on pinterest, I don’t look to copy what other artists do. I look and find items that I can change to make them fit for my target Audience.
For instance the rings in the attached pictures, I saw them and my brain automatically went “Impala” and “Tardis”. I didn’t know I can cut leather with the machine, so the inspiration to make leather cuffs for people at the Renaissance Faire, especially my fairy friends.
I love how many options I now have with this laser cutter.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Happy Geekery

04 Sep

New Product Hightlight…

These awesome Superntural Character Inspired bracelets are now in stock. I hand make these, yes there are some that are out there that are mass produced. I like that I make my own, that way they are more customizable. In the next couple of days, I will also make Baby and Chuck. What other Characters would you like to see?

Get them here: Supernautural Bracelets $25 each plush shipping

DSC_1435 DSC_1431 DSC_1421

18 Apr

New Bracelet line is on its way…

Well the wrap bracelets were fun, but they are taking so much time to make and I am venturing more and more into the world of wire wrapping and designing Jewelry.
So last night I was thinking how I could combine the two and I think I came up with a great compromise. I designed a Bangle with beads in between just like the wrap bracelet. I hope you like them. I will launch them this week.
We will have bracelets with glass beads and then there will also be some with Czech Crystal beads (they will be a bit more in price, but well worth the look), all of them have our signature charm in it.
We currently have made
– Supernatural Possession Charm
– Devil’s Trap
– Tardis
– Teen Wolf, Alpha Triskele
here is a picture of the first one we made… Let us know what you think

Have a great weekend