28 Aug

Hurricane Harvey

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen that I am in Katy, Texas which is one of the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.
I feel very blessed, that I am still dry and that my family and my house are safe. On Sunday afternoon we had a bit of a scare as the water was rising quickly on our street, but it did not come up to the house. All main roads out of our neighborhood were flooded as of Monday evening.
Many in the Houston area have not been this lucky. One of my best friends lost almost everything due to flooding. I was a wreck until I knew they were rescued out of their house and safe with friends. To be honest, this weekend was nerve wracking, exhausting, and it is not over yet. We are supposed to get more rain. Schools are closed till after labor day.

Being cooped up in the house since pretty much Friday afternoon, I feel helpless. But I know there is a lot to do in the weeks, even months to come. So my Partner in Crime, Pamela from Bling Out Loud and I put our heads and resources together and we are launching the #TexasStrong T-Shirt Campaign. All proceeds will be donated. A percentage will go to Global Giving’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and the rest will be donated to a local charity to help with the relief and rebuild efforts.

We are offering this design until September 15th.

We would like to sell at least 24 shirts to maximize the donations. So please share this post with everybody you know. The more shirts we sell, the more money will go to the charities. This hits home.

This is the shirt design. We are offering it in Unisex 50/50 blend and a Relaxed Fit Ladies V-Neck

You can order your here: #TexasStrong Shirt

We are so proud of how our communities always come together to help,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.