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Welcome to SewGeekAustin

Hi Everybody,

Welcome to the Re-Launch of SewGeekAustin, just in time for the Holidays. I had some time to think, where I want to take SewGeekAustin and I wanted to give the web-site a new look. I hope you like it.

Some things that will be new are I will try and blog three times a week. Monday, Thursday and Sunday. I want this blog to be a Geek Lifestyle Blog, from Fashion, to trends, to video games, to TV shows. All that our nerdy little hearts desire. I also want to highlight different geeky makers at least every other week, so that you can see there is lots of us out there.

I was very fortunate, that when I started this endeavor, that I fell into a niche Fandom, called “Supernatural”. I was lucky that I was one of the few people to make items for fans. Sadly that is no longer the case, as Hot Topic has caught on. So I am starting to make more one of a kind items, like purses, I will be working with other artists, like Kami Diox ( who I just commissioned to draw the characters for my Tea- Labels). I am branching out into other fandoms, and of course there will be general geeky items.

Christmas is close, of course I will make ornaments like every year and I will be making stockings again as well. I am not sure yet, if I will change the design of them, or if I will keep them they way they were last year.

As always, I am making replicas, but I am sad to say, once I am selling out of the Angel Blades and the Colts, I will no longer be making them.

I will also posts polls so that I know how to serve you better.

As always there are also give away in the future and lots of other things.


As always, thank you for sticking around and Happy Geekery,



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